Kerry Lewis is Walter Mitty in the flesh. He’s taken flying lessons, driven commercial busses,
served as a law enforcement officer, enlisted in the marines and air force, became an officer in
the army, toured three continents with his bass, conducted a big band, composed and coproduced
several songs, and cofounded a record company. And this is just the beginning.

Do not be misled, though. Kerry’s one true love out of all those passions is music.
“Ping, Pang, Poing” went the strings on his baby guitar as one by one they popped from the
pressure the three year old Kerry exerted on them. There would be several professional model
guitars as well as bass guitars, upright basses, and saxophones to follow. All State honors,
membership in the National Collegiate Wind Band as well as the McDonald’s Jazz Band, and the
selection as St. Augustine High School’s Drum Major all exemplified the musical talent that Kerry
nurtured in his early years.

Kerry hasn’t exactly been sitting on his musical abilities in his adult years either. He started
his professional career as a bass player for the consummate performer Banu Gibson and her Le Hot Jazz
group. The thrilling Leroy Jones Quintet also kept Kerry very busy jamming to up-tempo jazz tunes
into the late nineties. And in this decade, the very accomplished Michael White has utilized Kerry’s
laid back style in his Traditional Liberty Jazz Band. It has been Kerry’s utmost pleasure and honor
to play with and learn from these talented musical veterans. In addition, Kerry has been recorded on
numerous cds for various other musical artists covering the blues, country, rock, jazz genres.
His love for all kinds of music has no bounds.

The newest venture in Kerry’s professional career revolves around the musical group he cofounded,
Abstract. With fellow members Gerald French, Joel Hamilton, Paul Longstrength and Marc Adams, the
group generates musical tracks that are on fire with juicy grooves and tantalizing rhythms. Kerry
looks forward to touring with Abstract, so if anyone out there has any potential gigs, feel free to
contact Kerry at Abstract is the first group on the 11th Commandment record label,
which is a record company cofounded by Kerry, Gerald, and Joel. Expect to hear more great acts from
11th Commandment records in the near future!