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Kerry Lewis’ love for music knows no bounds. 

From the hallowed musical streets of New Orleans, to tours on five continents, Kerry has proven his mastery, flexibility, commitment, and dedication to his craft. A first-call musician who brings professionalism and passion to every gig, every rehearsal, every day.   The Palm Court Jazz Cafe. Preservation Hall.  Banu Gibson and her New Orleans Hot Jazz group. Leroy Jones Quintet. Dr. Michael White and his Traditional Liberty Jazz band; These are but a few of the ensembles in his extensive resume.  His contribution to blues, country, rock, jazz, and roots can be found on countless recordings from the last 20 years.


A man with an extraordinary history of accomplishments and pursuits that would be the envy of any contemporary, Kerry Lewis is Walter Mitty in the flesh. He’s taken flying lessons, driven commercial busses, served as a law enforcement officer, enlisted in the marines and air force, became an officer in the army, toured five continents with his bass, conducted a big band, composed and coproduced several songs, and cofounded a record company. And this is just the beginning.


“Ping, Pang, Poing” went the strings on his baby guitar as one by one they popped from the pressure the three-year-old Kerry exerted on them. There would be several professional model guitars as well as bass guitars, upright basses, sousaphones, tubas and saxophones to follow. All State honors, membership in the National Collegiate Wind Band as well as the Greater New Orleans McDonald’s Jazz Band, and the selection as St. Augustine High School’s Drum Major all exemplified the musical talent that Kerry nurtured in his early years.


One of Kerry’s standout projects was, “Abstract,” the musical group he cofounded with Gerald French, Joel Hamilton, Paul Longstrength and Marc Adams. The group generated musical tracks that were 100% fire, with juicy grooves and tantalizing rhythms.  His record label, 11th Commandment, was a natural outgrowth from this ensemble, which he cofounded with Gerald and Joel.


From the wide-open skies of a cockpit, to the sweet spaces in his laid-back style of playing, Kerry is ready for new musical adventures, projects, and ensembles. For more information, please contact Kerry at:

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